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Take Over Your Elderly Parent’s Financial Responsibilities

When you need to establish conservatorship over a family member, Faulkner Law Offices, LLC can guide you through the process. Our lead attorney, Stan Faulkner, knows how difficult it can be to manage the finances of an elderly or dependent family member on top of your own. He’s been helping Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia families in similar situations since 2001, and he’d be happy to pass his knowledge to you.

Don’t let your elderly or disabled family members lead themselves to financial ruin. Call our offices today at 770-685-9501 to discuss your options.


A number of people interested in the financial or medical well-being of an elderly or disabled person can file for a conservatorship. You can file if you’re a:

  • Spouse or domestic partner of the proposed conservatee.
  • Relative of the proposed conservatee.
  • State, local entity or agency.
  • Friend of the proposed conservatee.

The proposed conservatee can also file for conservatorship for themselves. If you’re ready to take over the finances or medical care of a loved one, contact us today.