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Business Litigation and Contract disputes

Use the Law to Resolve Your Business Disputes

You put a lot of time and money into developing your business. Don’t risk it all by facing litigation on your own. An experienced business dispute attorney is available for you in Marietta, GA at Faulkner Law Offices, LLC. Our attorney can handle a variety of business litigation matters. Get in touch with our office now to discuss the details of your case.


Using years of legal experience, our lead attorney can find the best solutions to your business issues. He can handle:

  • Contract disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Internal and governmental investigations
  • Antitrust and competition cases
  • Intellectual property rights cases



You can trust our lead attorney to gather the facts of your case and develop a smart, aggressive defense. He’ll be sure to keep the best interests of your company at the forefront of the case.

Do you disagree with how a term is defined in your contract? Did a party to your contract fail to perform a promised duty? Don’t sit by and let your contract go unheeded. Contact Faulkner Law Offices, LLC in Marietta, GA for the legal counsel you need.

Our lead business attorney can help you file a lawsuit to deal with contract dispute. With a firm understanding of business law, he can present you with different options to solve the issue and represent you in court. He’ll do his best to get you what you contractually deserve. Dial 770-685-9501 today to get started.

Some common contract disputes include:

  • Issues with drafting and reviewing the contract
  • Issues with the offer and acceptance
  • Mistakes with the contract’s terms
  • Disagreements on the meaning of technical terms
  • Fraud and coercion
  • Problems with the performance of contract duties

Our lead attorney will fight for your best interests during a contract dispute. Call us today to discuss your specific issues.