What does Intestacy mean?

If you die without even a Will (intestate), the legislature of your state has already determined who will inherit your assets and when they will inherit them. You may not agree with the state’s plan, but roughly seventy percent of Americans die without a will and...

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What is a Living Will?

Sometimes called an Advance Medical Directive, a living will allows you to state your wishes in advance regarding what types of medical life support measures you prefer to have, or have withheld/withdrawn if you are in a terminal condition (without reasonable hope of...

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What is a WILL?

A will is a document a person signs to provide for the orderly disposition of assets after death. There is a common misconception that by having a will you avoid probate. That is not true - Wills do not avoid probate. Wills have no legal authority until the will maker...

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What is Probate?

Probate is the court and process that looks after people who cannot make their own personal, health care and financial decisions.   These people fall into three general categories: Minor Children (under age 18 in most states); Incapacitated Adults; and People who...

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Why Having a Will May Cost You Your Business

Why Having a Will May Cost You Your Business Your business is likely the most valuable asset you own - it’s not only your source of income, but it is the product of your hard work and perhaps even the livelihood of others. As a business owner, it is essential that you...

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How to Leave Your Home to Your Kids

If you are like most people, your home is the largest and most valuable asset in your estate. It is likely that you have spent years building equity in your home, making lifelong memories, cutting the grass, and working against a mortgage or two. With all of the time...

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How Much Do We Charge for a Will?

We get this question a lot, and it makes sense. Of course, as you begin thinking about your estate plan, you want to shop around to find the right attorney for you. Your estate planning attorney should be the whole package: experienced and affordable. We strive to...

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What Do Small Businesses Need to Know about Data Privacy Law?

If you own a small business, you know the importance of creating and maintaining systems that allow your business to run smoothly. You have likely spent time and money building a system that performs well and maintains a good reputation with your clients or customers....

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What To Do When A Spouse Suddenly Passes?

In the first weeks following a spouse’s death, you will be faced with dozens of decisions - some minor and some with long-lasting impacts. It will be essential to remain organized and to move carefully through each decision to make sure that nothing gets left...

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How the New Tax Bill Will Impact Business Owners

If you have been following the news over the past month, you know that Congress just passed a new tax bill that is being touted as the largest overhaul of the federal tax system since 1986.  Under this new bill, there are some big changes for both individuals and...

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A Physician’s Guide to Estate Planning

Doctors are just like anyone else - you have a family and friends you care about, and you have assets that you have worked hard to earn and grow throughout your career. Estate planning is essential for anyone who wants to provide for their loved ones and who have...

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Seven Reasons Why You Avoid Your Estate Planning

Whether we realize it or not, if we fail to plan, we are planning to fail. In my 15 years of practice, I’ve heard a lot of excuses as to why people avoid estate planning. Before you stop reading, let me address some of them straight on and try to convince you why...

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Introducing Our New Legacy Planning Session

Our Legacy Planning Session is not your typical initial consultation.  During your Session, we guide you and help you organize your assets and resources so you can finally relax about what you have and what protection you need.  The Session is a real working meeting...

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