Don’t Wait to Draft Your Most Important Documents

Don’t Wait to Draft Your Most Important Documents

Contact Faulkner Law Offices, LLC based in Marietta, GA will and trust attorney

Do you need help writing a will? If so, contact Faulkner Law Offices, LLC. Our lawyer excels at drafting wills for clients throughout the region. By composing an ironclad, error-free will, you’ll help your heirs avoid the delays and complications of an extended probate ordeal.

Our attorney can help you:

  • Decide what will happen to your assets after you’ve passed away.
  • Choose which of your heirs will receive your most valuable property.
  • Leave a positive legacy for your loved ones.

Our attorney can provide you with the documents needed to meet your goals. Call 770-685-9501 to request a consultation with our lawyer.

Form a trust in Marietta, Georgia

If you want to make a major impact with your assets and property, forming a trust is the way to do it. The lead attorney at Faulkner Law Offices will make the process easy. Call 770-685-9501 today to schedule a consultation.